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Our homemade soaps are made with only pure vegetable oils and vegetable butters. In order to well protect the nature skin texture, we do not add fragrance oils. Some of them contain essential oils and special herbs. We will list below the product description. We use only nature herbs and mineral powder to color our soaps. They are gentle, moisturizing and nature.  

We hand craft every bar of soap, and them have to takes 4 to 8 weeks to cure. Please note because of the mist of the soap will evaporate in the air. Sometimes the weitht of every bar of soap may different than our product description (+- 5%).  Our homemade soap are one hundred percent hand craft, so every bar’s color pattern and size may vary.

We also take customer orders. You can tell us your special requests (for prevent hair loss, for allergy skincare, for whitening skin, for face wash.......). You can add special flavor and color for your special needs as well.  
We hand craft every bar of soap with patient and love. If you have placed a customer order please allow us for 1 week to special ready for you. Then you have choice either we can cure for you or you rather cure youself.